Summer Love

As it heats up outside, our passion and desire for each other heats up, too.  I long for the day that you take me in your arms, kiss me deeply, and whisper sexy things in my ear.  Make me melt – inside and out.  Look into my eyes with so much fire that we get lost in each others’ souls for awhile.  I want you.  You want me.  We need each other.  We slowly undress each other, reveling at the sight of each revealed part.  Skin on skin, warm and soft, smooth and sexy.  You lay me down and take in all of me, in my full, naked glory.  My scent, my warmth, my soft sighs escaping from my sweet lips, and my ethereal essence lighting the way to my most private possession – I give it all to you.  You accept, and together we ride wave after wave of ecstasy, exploding together into millions of tiny drops of pleasure.  You and me.

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