Talk about a Dead Fuck!


Submissive Phone Sex I have fucked plenty of guys in my life and they have always been into taking control and I love that! I love my man to take control of my life especially when it comes to my sex life. I am used to being told what and how to do things and when. Well recently I met this guy that is really hot looking and we went out for lunch and he asked me out for Saturday night and I excitedly accepted. I had been looking forward to this date all week long. I couldn’t wait for Saturday night to get here, it seemed to take forever but Saturday night finally arrived and I was dressed in a sexy little dress and ready to go.

He took me out to a nice dinner house then to a club for a couple of drinks. We both got a little tipsy and he invited me back to his place and my pussy got instantly wet.  Once at his house it didn’t take long before we were both naked and on a chair and I thought I would get the fucking of a lifetime, he had the biggest hardest cock and I just knew I was in for a glorious night. Man was I wrong! This guy just sat in the chair and didn’t move, I was doing all the work and this is not how I am used to having sex with my partners. Finally he shot a load of cum, and I am still not sure how he did that because I definitely couldn’t cum! I was so glad that the date was over that I called a taxi left as quickly as I could get out of there, talk about a dead fuck! I was so disappointed and will never date that guy again.

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