Stuffed Full Of Chocolate

bbc phone sex vivThe Easter Bunny brought me a big hunk of Chocolate love in my Easter basket. I love that fine dark chocolate meat with it’s huge anaconda cock! Today I got stuffed full of that big dark chocolate all day long. He fucked my pussy raw. I am so sore I can hardly walk and every single hole I have is full of creamy jizz. It is dripping down the inside of my legs from my ass and my cunt. I love the musky smell of sex that is wafting off my body. My hair is matted from sweating and cumming all day. I am hot, wet and sticky sweet right now. Just when I thought he had drained every drop of cum out of his body, his dick is hard again and he is bending me over to stuff it up my tight ass one more time. I am breathless and tired but still I want more. Pushing my ass into him I meet his every thrust blow for blow as I feel my own orgasm rising to the surface and I know I am ready to explode all over the balls that are slapping up against my already soaked cunt, I have a feeling that we aren’t anywhere near done….

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