Stroke It!

cum slut phone sexYou want to know what I find so fucking hot? When you stroke your cock for me. I love to watch a man palm fucking himself while I play with my pussy. I also love when you call me and stroke that cock, big or small, and describe it to me in detail. Last night you got me off so hard when we were on the phone both of us getting high and fucking ourselves. You told me you were playing with the head, spreading all that precum around the tip, I wanted to climb through the phone and taste you. But instead I put my hand down my pants and rubbed my clit until I could hear you breathing harder then I stuck two fingers in my now extremely wet cunt. I was moaning and breathing hard right along with you. It felt so good and all I did was imagine that rock hard cock you were jerking. I want to play again but next time I want to be there watching and fuck I want to drink your cum after you let go. Let me clean you with my tongue!

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