Stroke addiction

 Cum Slut Phone SexOh my god. I am so embarrassed!! Why am I like this?? Why do I love cock so much? When will I give myself limits or maybe even morals?? Uhhh i guess I never will!!! I am going to have to accept that I am a filthy cumslut whore.. Who loves to get fucked! I love a cock in every hole!! Fuccck I’ll even suck your girlfriends pussy if that’s what it takes to find out what your cock is like. Mm the feeling of being cummed on and submitting to your commands. Hell even me being in charge of your cock really turns me on. I love the sound of moaning and the feeling of cumming. Mmmmhmmm Cum dripping down my body!!! I Don’t Know, what it is but what I do know is, I want to be a dirty bitch, Filthy whore and cum rag forever!

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