Strangers Used Me As A Cum Rag!

Gang Bang Phone SexI love to try new shit because the hornier I can get the better. I thought this would be a great opportunity to open up new horizons. The idea of being blindfolded and gagged and having no idea who was fucking me is something I have not dived into yet. I did a lot of research on bondage and submission and it has been turning me on for weeks. I set up an arrangement with 4 strangers and had them coordinate the plan with each other so it would all fall into place. 

I did not know what any of these guys looked like or who they were. The plan was to be in my house with a blind fold and gag in and to wait for them. They were going to snatch me up and throw me down anywhere in my apartment and use me immediately. I did not want to see their faces because I wanted to just be taken however they wanted with no say so. I was so turned on as I sat there waiting for them to barge in. 

When they walked in they dragged me around and put me on the floor. They took my gag off and all took turns spitting in my mouth and than face fucking me with their cocks. This went on for like 20 minutes until I was a mess covered in my own spit. They then threw me on my back and took turns on my holes. They put the ball gag back in my mouth and each took turns on my ass hole and cunt. They called me filthy names and used me; I was sopping wet because I had no idea who these men were. 

They fucked me for a while and all came inside my holes. 2 loads in my cunt and 2 in my ass hole. They wiped their cocks clean on my body. They spit on me, slapped me in the face, slapped my cunt and told me they would see me another time. They left me there blindfolded and gagged until I could get myself up. I was sore as fuck and tired; I was leaking jizz all over. I felt disgusting so I put a vibe on my clit and came like 3 times before falling asleep with their loads stuffed inside me!

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