Stopping Traffic

I went to the beach recently with a good female friend of mine. She is not nearly as hot as I am but I like her funny personality so I hang out with her. We had a great time at the beach. All the men couldn’t take their eyes off me as usual. I love being the center of attention. When you are as sexy as me its hard not to be the center of attention. 

We were headed back to my place and her car decided to break down. We were on a back highway, one that is hardly ever traveled. She of course began to panic saying we were never going to get anyone to stop and help us. I just looked at her. Is she seriously saying I cannot get anyone to stop? Can she not see how sexy I am? Damn, girl must be blind. I asked her, so you are saying that you think I cannot stop traffic? Well, umm, uh. She sounded so stupid stumbling over her words. Remind me again why I hang out with this girl? “Okay, challenge accepted.”, I said and got out of the car. I stood on the side of the road in my bikini and wrap that I had on from the beach. I reached back and untied the strings on my top. My perfect, big, beautiful tits were happy to be freed. 

Of course traffic stopped. When the cars began to stop I just stared at my friend. I was saying I told you so with my eyes. I know how sexy I am and I know how to use it. I had the whole lane of traffic stopped so I knew I could take my pick of cars. I saw a hot car with an even hotter driver and casually walked up to the car. “Hey hon, wanna take me to town?” Of course the driver eagerly said yes. I hopped in the car and left my friend there on the side of the road. That’s what she gets for doubting me. Stupid girl.

The guy who picked me up was even dumber than my friend. He tried to imply that I should suck his cock because he decided to stop and pick me up. Ha! I told him he could give me head. Me letting him taste how sweet and delicious my pussy is would be payment enough. He pulled off to the side of the road and I spread my legs nice and wide for him. He buried his tongue deep inside of me. I must say he is a very good pussy eater. He made me cum so hard I told him I would reward him. I climbed in his lap and rode that cock. It felt so good. After that I was in such a good mood I told him to turn around and go back for my friend. I bet she will never doubt me again!

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