Still works Fantastic!

Mature phone sexMost of the men my age repulse me. They are so old, fat, and flabby. Their cocks have all shrunken to the point where I know they can’t please me. And when they approach me I send the unattractive bastards away quickly. But today an older guy approached me that was actually worth my time. He was tall with salt and pepper hair and he possessed the body and bulge of a man in his mid-20s. He walked up behind me grabbed my ass and asked “does this thing still work?” He looked so sexy that my only response was “Let’s find out!” Soon we were in his SUV and he was shoving every inch of that cock in granny’s pussy. He squeezed and rubbed my ass cheeks as I rode his cock. And he thrust so hard and fast into my cunt that I couldn’t believe this guy was a grandad. He flipped me up and fucked me from behind before shot a load of spunk all over my ass cheeks. His only words were “yeah that shit still works.” Then he put me out of his car before I could even get my panties on. Good to see some men my age still know how to make an old slut feel good.

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