Still Daddy’s Girl

daddys girl phone sex blowjobsI’ve been daddy’s girl since I was knee high and he would sneak in my bedroom at night and push his cock in my mouth while mommy slept. I was raised to be daddy’s little cock sucker, daddy’s little fuck toy, and eventually daddy’s little torture doll. Daddy could be so cruel when he wanted to be. Last week, Daddy called me up. He order me to come visit him like I did when I was younger. I knew what that meant.  Daddy needed his fuck toy. He liked me more when I was younger, so I did my best to make myself look like a school girl again.

When I arrived, daddy said, “On your knees little girl.” I’m a good whore. I always do as daddy says. I deep throated daddy’s hard cock just like I did when I was little. Just, now I gag less. Daddy prefers me gagging, crying and gasping for air, so he had a few friends over to help turn me into that scared little girl I was so many years ago. They got rough with me. Pulled my pig tails, skull fucked me until I was choking. Daddy and his 6 big friends, forced their cocks in my mouth until I puked. But they didn’t stop there, they violated my ass and cunt too. Covered me in cum like a dirty whore, then told me to get out.

Daddy loves to use me and share me with his friends. Even though I am older, I still do whatever daddy tells me to do. I will do whatever you tell me too.

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