Steamy Times

I was in the shower today when my doorbell rang. I didn’t bother with a towel and just ran down the stairs to answer the door. I left wet footprints behind me as I went, my body still covered in hot water. Steam was still rising off my skin. I know I am sexy and I know right then I would have gotten wet looking at myself. I opened the door wide and proud and there stood my mailman. He was a short, dumpy, little fellow but I decided to take pity on him that day as I was feeling extra sexy. I grabbed his arm and jerked him in the door. The poor little man did not even put up a fight. I know he was mesmerized by my body. It is quite the sight to see. I wanted to show him so much more of me. I drug him up the stairs and down the hall to my bathroom. When we arrived in the bathroom I stripped all his clothes off. That uniform was doing him no justice at all! Underneath of that boring, old mailman uniform was a hard body! This is going to be more fun than I thought. I shoved him down to sit on the toilet and I stepped back into the shower. I began to push my body up against the glass and rub up and down the walls while watching him watching me. I was so turned on I bent over and opened my pussy up for him to see how I wet I was. I motioned for him to step into the shower with me and that is when I saw his cock. It was massive. I am ready now. He stepped in and we fucked all afternoon. Now I know I will never miss any mail!

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