Spring break please

young bald pussyI  can’t wait for spring break to get here. I love laying out by the pool or beach and soaking up the sun while I rub on my cunt. Who doesn’t love paradise? In my case, there is two — the view of the scenery and the view of me. Last spring break I was visiting south beach and remembered it so vividly. I had my legs spread on the boat, and I was rubbing my young bald pussy and climaxing in broad daylight. My uncle caught me, and I couldn’t deny what I was doing on our family beach trip. I made him hush with his cock in my mouth and my cunt right on his tongue. It was an excellent orgasmic experience for both of us. Who doesn’t enjoy cumming? Luckily everyone was inside of the boat enjoying food while my uncle was devouring his 😉 Moi.

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