Special Time

I know how special I am! I would like to think I am one of a kind. Lets face it. You wont find a beautiful sexy girl like me every day.  Especially one that can do all the dark twisted nasty things I can. I have some very special talents. Some very special desires. I do the things you dream about. The things you could never speak of in polite company. I live out your deepest darkest fantasies.I live in that primal place of need and lust. I can give you the Ultimate Snuff Fantasy.  I enjoy the hunting and taking of my prey. I love the torture. And If you are a good boy. I let you play with it before I snuff it out. Now that is VERY special! And the only thing that can make it even better… is knowing you can get my special talents. At a special price. Now how can you pass that up? Cum indulge your wildest fantasies!

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