Melting Chocolate….

Everyone knows what they have to do if their chocolate starts to melt! LICK it up! That is what I am. Chocolate ready to melt in your mouth. I’m a big slice of chocolate pie. With ONE big difference. I have exactly what you need! I know your dirty little secret! I know what you dream about. What you long for. It’s this big chocolate cock of mine to melt in your mouth and your hands! So slide up here and let me give you a big mouth full of melting chocolate.. lick it and suck it till you can’t take it anymore! Then let me show you what this big black cock can do! I am gonna make you melt for me! When I finally give you this big thick cock of mine.. you are gonna cum harder than you have ever exploded before. I know you need this thick hard cock of mine. I know how bad you long for it! How desperate you are to feel it. To taste it. So cum enjoy a special treat! I’m melting for you.

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