Snuff out

accomplice phone sex

This sultry slut wants to snuff you out. But not before we take care of that God awful cunt wife of yours! Your impending doom is going to be enhanced by watching me torture your fat cow whore! No less than ten big black cocks will descend on her body. I will make sure that bitch knows you sent me to do this. Because she might start begging the man she loves to save her. But that hard cock that I am pushing my sharp fingernails into is going to love watching her holes be bloodied. I think you will enjoy her suffocating to death on BBC. The question of the day is will I let you cum before I cut your cock and balls off?
I’m so fucking wet thinking of all the ways I can kill you. I know I will have a tray of cocaine to help my brain figure out the best way to kill you!


the accomplice whore who loves murder and fucking! 

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