Snowed In


Shit it was so cold. Minus 20 and snow piled up around the cabin. So Dave was like “That’s Maine for ya.”, as he lit a fire. We had decided to stay in, and got naked on his grandfather’s bear skin rug. He just had slipped the engagement ring on my finger, and we had some chicken soup that I made on the stove. He kissed me deep and we started running our hands all over each other. We some how got into a 69, and I took his huge cock into my mouth and sucked him deep to his balls. He licked my pussy with loving strokes as I felt that pressure build in me. I squirted all over his face and neck. “Wow babe” he laughed. “You know I love it when we 69 hun.” I replied.

I then mounted him, sliding his hard pleasure stick in my shaved smooth pussy, and began to ride him. He reached up and played with my tits, rubbing my nipples as I rode him. I then picked myself up, and showered him again with my pussy juices. I then ran my fingers down his soaked body, and laid down on my back. He got between my legs, and entered me again. Soon he found his sexy rhythm and went with it. I raised my hips up and met him with every pump. I could feel both the warmth of the fire, and sound of our heart beats hypnotize us as moved like the skilled lovers we are. Soon he said he was going to shoot as I felt the tingles in my pussy grow. He shot a warm huge load in me as I came hard myself. It was a wonderful way to spend a snow day indeed.

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