My Best Friend’s Beef Curtains

Barely Legal Phone Sex






My girlfriend and I could pass for twins, we look so much alike. We do everything together and even dress alike a lot of the times, especially when we go out on the weekends to clubs and bars and stuff. We are some smokin hot bitches! Guys always loose their shit when they see us walk in a bar or club holding hands, and the more we drink the hands to kissing each other on the lips and go farther and farther and last night we ended up in bed together. Kissing, rubbing , fondling and licking each other to orgasm. I can’t get enough of licking her box and cupping her breasts in my hands massaging them and squeezing the fuck out of them,they are so perfect. Don’t get me wrong I’m still going to need a good stiff dick most of the time. I”m just enjoying experimenting with her pretty tight slit and How to lick her beef curtains just right while finger banging her cunt. Her pussy juices tastes so heavenly. Maybe tonight I can talk her into experimenting ith the strap on I have been saving for the right time. My cunt gets wet just thinking about thrusting a strap on cock into her body and watching her titties bounce and jiggly with every motion of my body impacting her slit. My pussy gets so excited thinking about¬† it’s twitching with excitement.

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