Slutty Accomplice momma

accomplice phone sex

Slutty accomplice Momma here to be your next obsession in bratkin and young lady destruction. Or self destruction if you wish! I enjoy your fetish with a whore mom who is intent on pimping out her sluts to your cock.  You see me out looking for some man meat to party with and you corner me and say the code word. I look up at you and ask for a Newport menthol 100. If you really want some Pixie fluff, I need a cigarette and to know who sent you! I am horny because you know the code word, but dealing in coke is much more safe in these streets. Big daddy has a few girls he is willing to let you get a hold of. And I have two little sluts in my house that are prime for a p-cock like yours. But if you want to be the most sick and vile brat fucker, I’ll have to call in fresh meat! I see your cash and my cell rings. It’s a go. I take you down into the tunnels under the train tracks and waiting on us is a sweet little Ginger who is scared and lost. Or so she thinks. I have had her knocked out for days just to place her here to wake up. Untouched, and perfect for you to fuck and me to destroy for you after the fact!

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    • Cory on April 25, 2022 at 11:58 AM
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    You look like that Gina Gershon chick. I totally have a thing for her since that showgirls movie.

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