slow jazz and candles for the mood

Sex with you is a bit like heaven. I can only describe it as making love. Yet it’s more than that. Emotions swell and overflow inside me because you know just where and how to touch me. You love the way I taste. I can’t get enough of how you feel and the way your arms wrap around me as we attune to each other’s rhythm our breathing in sync and our eyes locked gives us moments absolute peace and stillness. I smile a little smile because we have achieved a feeling and sensation that transcends any astral plane of existence. In this world above all the clatter and noise, it is only you and I. We are not separate, but a unit. My body blends into yours. There is no beginning and no end. We have become both the melody and harmony. We are one soul, one heart, one being as we reach the pinnacle of ecstasy  in a mind altering, soul rattling orgasm and come back down to earth together.  As we fall asleep intertwined, you still inside me…I know heaven is achievable.

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