Make love to me!

I want to kiss every inch of your body. I will start by slowly run my tongue across your sweet lips. Tasting your mouth as I push deeper in your arms. I will slide my lips down your neck as you run your big strong hands across my back. Oooh baby you feel so very good. Your warm soft skin sliding over my body. That hard cock rubbing up against me. You are making me throbbing! I can feel my dick swelling against you. Begging for your touch. Needing your special care. Oooooh baby. I need to feel you stroke me. Rub me. Mmmm Kiss me all over. Wrap those soft lips around my throbbing head. Slide your mouth all the way down. Make love to my hard cock. Make love to me. You make me feel so beautiful. So sexy. Let me show you everything I want to do to you. You make me want romantic phone sex.

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