Sissy’s car public shame

This weekend one of my silly sissy pets took me out for a shopping spree and to publicly humiliate her for being a fairy faggot that wears her pretty pinky panties on the outside of her tiny booty shorts and a silky bra on the outside of her tube top. She would pay for everything I wanted in all the stores I wanted with her hot pink credit card. But the best part was that I was not next to her while she would make my purchases. I would be standing near by making comments to really hot guys about how they should ask for a blowjob from her because she will do it for free. After I was done shopping and showing off sissy poo, we got into my mustang convertible and were on our way to another mall. However, sissy had the nerve to say to me that I am the reason why she wears her panties and bras outside of her girlie sissy outfits. So I pulled over and told sissy that it is time for her to do her public shame. So she got out of my car as I instructed her to and pulled out her sign from the backseat. There was sissy standing along the side of the road in her panty get-up with her bright neon pink sign that said in big bold black lettering, “Will suck cock for free”.

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