Getting My Other Colors

Taste the rainbow is my favorite saying with my beautiful rainbow tattoo. My pussy is the pot of gold at the end of it. But a friend pointed out to me that I am missing the colors purple and pink in my rainbow.  I never really paid attention to the missing colors. And I love pink and purple. So when you taste my rainbow your missing out.

I tried to figure out a way to add the colors to my rainbow but as you can see that is not possible. So I started looking for a cute tattoo I could get that had purple and pink in it. I found this really cute little number that has my missing colors and would look great on my ass or on my tit.

Maybe I can deduct it off my taxes if I claim it as my business slogan. I could always change from taste the rainbow. It might be more appropriate if it said “Put my mouth where your money is” instead of put your money where your mouth is” LOL, now there is a thought!

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