Shyla and the yard boy

Every Saturday the neighborhood yard boy comes by the mow my parents yard and tends to the flowers. I have always watched him as he works hard on the yard work. One day I went to him, wearing only my light blue two bathing suit, saying that when he is done with the front yard, he needs to put the garden hose away in the tool shield. So I skipped along into the back yard to quickly get my top piece off  to show off my boobies. So I quickly grabbed that garden hose and prompt it up on the bird house. The garden hose was hanging over the bird house like a shower in head. I turned on the water and walked back over to the garden hose and began to get myself wet. The cold water made my nipple harden and firm. I was so over joyed when I heard the back yard fence gate opened and then the yard boy stopped in astonishment to see me wet and wearing next to nothing. I smiled and giggled when I saw him staring at me. I called him to come over and join me. I can’t wait for him to tend to my garden with his long garden hose and sown his seeds in me.

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