Sexy Earth Day!

I don’t usually celebrate Earth Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I recycle and shit, but it’s just not an official holiday to me.  But, this year the weather was just so nice, I decided to do something to celebrate the Earth’s beauty.  I brought my beauty and booty out to the beach for the Earth, and all its occupants to enjoy!  I even put on a green swimsuit to celebrate.

I had all the dirty, old men drooling, and even the lifeguards had a hard time keeping their eyes on the water.  My juicy, round ghetto booty was barely covered, and it was all too easy to see my nipples poking through the thin material.  I left a trail of hard cocks, as I walked down the beach to find a place to relax.  Once I settled, there was no shortage of volunteers to rub me down with sun block.  Yes, even my dark skin needs it!  I enjoyed having my ass rubbed by the strong, white hands of a long-dong stranger.  I even let him slide two fingers in my sweet spanky, before he went back to his girlfriend.  I know he’ll be calling me soon, so we can finish what we started…

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