Just what I like

I just love to wrap my stocking covered legs around your neck while you suck my hard cock. I have such a stocky fetish. And I would love to tell you all about it! I remember this one time. I rubbed my stocking covered feet all over this young stud. I completely undressed him with my stocking covered feet. And then I stroked that hard cock of his till he was dripping wet! I made him slide my stocking off my foot with his mouth! And then I slide that stocking over his cock and stroked him up and down.  Letting that soft smooth fabric caress his hard dick.  I milked him until he was soooo close to cumming.  Then I told him to shove that hard stocking covered dick deep inside me! Mmmmm It was so good. He fucked me so hard.  He was pounding me and moaning so loud I loved every single second of it! And when he came he filled that stocking up! Oooooh man it was fantastic!

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