Sexiest Food Fight Ever!

Tonight’s dinner menu: Me – naked, wrapped in seaweed, my knees slightly bent upward with rice covered my pelvis. Spicy Ahi tuna Sushi rolls and sashimi rolls placed all over my stomach and breasts. Chop sticks and napkins are leaning on my thighs and a lovely cucumber salad with ginger dressing in a shallow bowl between my tits. I have a glass of whiskey with one ice cube in one hand and a small plate of wasabi and ginger in the other. I invite you to sit and drink your whiskey and eat dinner while we talk. As you eat dinner I carefully remove the remaining food from my body and unwrap the seaweed very deliberately and slowly – swaying my hips just enough to capture your attention.
I move close to you and sit on your lap, wrapping my arms around your neck and kissing you deeply, passionately, almost desperately! As I slide down to the floor, I release the hard throbbing cock from your pants and take it all in my mouth. As I am sucking your cock and slamming it deep into my throat I grab a handful of rice and rub it all over your stomach. I begin to feed the rice to you with my fingers; you grab my hair and pull my mouth off your cock. You take a piece of the sushi roll and put it on the head of your very hard and swollen cock. I eat the lovely piece of sushi and dive back in to sucking your cock as hard as I can – you taste delicious! Serving dinner right off your cock was incredibly brilliant and sexy!
I begin stroking you with my hands while licking and sucking you into my throat so deeply that I can barely breathe! I do this until I know you are about to explode. I stand up – I turn and lower my ass onto your cock slowly. I carefully lower myself down to consume you completely into my ass, I take a moment to get adjusted to the size of your cock, but the passion and excitement take over and I can’t sit still any longer. I thrust my body up and down repeatedly moaning and begging you “fuck me harder, oh god HARDER!” My pussy is aching for a pounding, and the urge to literally jump on your cock couldn’t be controlled any more.
As you thrust into me I feel your hands all over my body, settling on my clit. I can’t take it any longer so I let myself be consumed by the most intense orgasm causing your cock to explode in my ass and fill me up completely! I lay back against your chest and you hold me tight for a little while. I am spent so I lie down on the floor next to your chair, and close my eyes. I feel wet and cold all over my stomach, tits and pussy. I look to see what’s happening and you’ve dumped the entire cucumber salad across my body, and you begin to smear it around with your fingers and you start eating from my body. With every touch of your tongue my clit would swell and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I grab the sashimi rolls and rub them across your legs and start licking the delicious food off your body. I feel your fingers and a few of the cucumber slices inside my cunt. Your face is planted on my pussy sucking and eating the food right out of me, and just when I think I’m going to cum – you stopped and licked your way up my legs over my clit to my stomach and then kissed my mouth pressing your chest against mine causing all the food to mix and smear between us. This tickles me so I squirm and try to move away from you but you have me pinned down, so I shove food in your face hoping this would make you move.
You didn’t budge, but you did rub rice and ahi tuna all over my tits. You proceed to eat the food off of my body as you ram that cock deep into my pussy! The unexpected assault on my cunt caused me to cum so hard that my whole body was shaking for quite some time. Dinner with you is always an adventure, so anytime you’d like to do it again, just let me know.

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