On The Job Training At the Doughnut Shop

I have never worked a day in my fucking life. I have always used this fine ass pussy and the fact that I give incredible fucking head to get what I want. Last week I heard a friend talking about a friend who worked at the local doughnut shop and that they needed help. I started thinking of all kinds of kinky and crazy shit I could do if I worked at the doughnut shop and got so fucking wet I went down and applied for the job just for shits and giggles. Imagine my surprise when they called me for an interview! I almost didn’t go but thought wheat the hell, why the fuck not? When I got there the guy doing the interviewing was hot as fucking hell and I kept leaning way over to show him my cleavage and giving him those “let me fuck you” looks. Then he called in a chick and she was just as fucking hot, only she was the one giving me the “let me fuck you look” By the end of the hour I was hired and was to show up for training the next morning. When I got there it was only the three of us and the coffee was brewing. I knew it would be a fun day when he offered me coffee and rubbed his dick when he asked if I wanted cream in my coffee. They started to train me but the “fuck me” tension was so thick you could punch a doughnut hole in it. It wasn’t long before we started copping feels and going one step further with each try that wasn’t rejected. We ended up having a food fight with the doughnut fillings and toppings. I ended up covered in sprinkles and became the special of the day. I might just keep this fucking job!

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