My Sex Toy Party

I love surprising my Italian Stallion. My hot Brooklyn Baby! So when I decided to have a sex toy party I got a wonderful idea! What better way to sell sex toys then to demonstrate the way they work; and who better to help me then my hot stud from Brooklyn?
I sent out all the invitations. Got all the refreshments and party favors and made sure everything was just right. All the women I invited had to wear lingerie and each one got a goodie bag with a nice vibrator. Every one had a drink and we were all getting excited for my Italian Stud to show up. The look on his face when he walked in was priceless! When I led him to the front of the room and explained to him what he was to do, his dick got so fucking hard! In front of all these girls; while they fucked themselves with their party favors; he was to take each toy on the table one by one and use them on me to show how great they were! He is always such a good sport about my kinky fucking ideas and I love fucking the shit out of him when it is over!

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