Seven Sexy Sins of Lust

I’m a sinner. God, I’m a sinner. All day long, my quivering thighs sing siren songs of achy yearning for fulfillment. Dick is the only cure for my intense desire to screw every man I meet. I’m a horrible lusty little thing, and I can’t deny my cravings for cock. I’ve fucked mailmen, train conductors, playwrights, acrobats . . . you name it. Everyone is a potential lover, and my orgasmic pleasure is all that matters. I’m an expert manipulator when it comes to convincing men to come to bed with me . . . anyone is welcome to me for the chance to spread their seed. Phallic persuasion is my ultimate talent, I’ve learned to suck, fuck, and strut my way to the ultimate in bliss: screwing heaven. And since I’ve been there, nothing fills me more–mentally, physically, or spiritually–than a huge heavy cock up my pussy, and a huge load of spud up my vag. If you’ve got a problem with my sinful ways, you’re welcome to tell me about it over a nice cup of tea, that may or may not be tainted with a touch of my needy, wild, lust.

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