Afternoon Snack


I found the perfect play thing today. She was going door to door selling candy bars. She was so pretty. Very thick long hair. Olive skin. She looks so exotic. And she has the biggest, darkest ,green eyes. They were pools of emeralds. She was selling candy for her band. I looked down my drive way and saw no one. So I asked if she was alone. And she said she was. Her mother wanted her to wait but she wanted to prove she could do it by herself. Almost to good to be true. I told her I would love an afternoon snack. Come on in while I get my purse. I asked if she wanted a soda. To take on the road with her. I opened one soda in the kitchen and slipped some little pills in it. Then as I was walking back to her. I opened the second soda so she could hear. And she took her drink and started drinking it. I asked her name and she said Lilly. So pretty. I fumbled with my purse to drag out the time. I counted out all my cash and bought as many bars as I could. Then right before she was leaving. I said… “oooh WAIT. I have some more cash upstairs.” When I came back down I could tell the drugs were kicking in. She was wobbling. And dropped her soda. I rushed to her. Told her it was ok. She was just tired and I would take care of her. Then she was out. I carried her down stairs. Right into the basement. Then I stripped her down. Sooo beautiful! I tied her spread eagle, and put a gag in her mouth. Then went upstairs and cleaned up the mess. I hid all evidence of her. Then I called Matt. I knew he would rush right over. I was so excited. I wanted to start playing right away, but I had to wait. When Matt showed up I took him right downstairs. She was just waking up. He was so excited he could barely wait. I made him sit and watch as I cleaned her from head to toe. Then I let him come out of his clothes. He likes to play with toys. Nipple clamps and anal plugs. I let him get worked up by using all of his toys on our little Lilly. He was begging to take her, but of course I made him drag it out. I pulled and tugged on her nipple clamps as she whimpered and moaned. Then I let him fuck her like a whore. He used every hole over and over and when he got close to cumming I wrapped my hands around her little throat and squeezed. When she started to spasm on his cock he yelled out. Then, when she seized up on his thick hard dick she milked out every drop of his cum! MMM I had no idea she would be such a good whore.

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