Serious About Sissy Training?

Sissy phone sex

Sissy training isn’t just indulging your sissy fantasies. Why? Because fantasies are fleeting. Over the moment your clitty squirts. I’m looking for serious and devoted sissy sluts. The ones searching for a mistress to stick close with them and guide them through the sea of unknown frills and thrills. 

Sissy training with me is easy when you’re a good girl, but punishing when you’re a bad girl. I’m happy to spin many sissy fantasies with sissy phone sex anytime. However, when you come to me with hopes of sissy training, I’m going to take you seriously. It starts with small changes and grows and blossoms into frequently used routines. Soon you’ll forget you were ever born with a cock, because all you will ever know is your clit and fuckhole. 

Desires for the finer things will grow, a wardrobe filled with colors and soft fabrics. Heels and stockings will begin to become part of your everyday wardrobe, and not just in secret at night. Dildos and other toys are stashed away in your nightstand for when the urge arises. As it often will once I’m done making a true slut out of you. Your faggot pussy will be throbbing so much after the abuse that it will suffer but you will be so grateful. Finally, someone will recognize the real filthy whore that you are!

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