Seduction at Work

My boss asked me to stay late last night to help with month end paperwork. I have wanted to be alone with him for the longest time, so I agreed. It was about 6:00 PM before we were completely alone, and I had time to run to the store and grab him a snack. He called me into his office, and I presented him with a plate of fresh fruit and vegetables with a small amount of cheese and crackers. He was very pleased that I thought to take care of him like that, and he thanked me with a wink. I asked if I could rub his shoulders for him while he enjoyed his snack so I could help him relax, and he said yes. I got behind him and started on the temples, rubbing and massaging down to the shoulders, arms and chest. I ran my nails down his chest all the way to his belt, but I stopped. I walked around and stood in front of him, and asked if I could rub his feet while he ate so he could be a little more relaxed. He agreed so I dropped to my knees, removed his shoes and started massaging his feet, then calves, then I moved up to his thighs. I scratched and massaged the top and inside of each thigh digging in my nails just enough to make him squirm. When I asked if I could massage his cock, he squirmed in his chair and said yes.
I spent the next hour and a half worshipping his cock and balls, taking him to the edge of orgasm over and over again. Finally he grabbed me, lifted my skirt and fucked me so hard I came twice. I didn’t even mind the mandatory overtime.

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