Secret Santa

Hardcore ass fucking



All I want for Christmas is a good, hardcore ass fucking.  I’m having a secret santa party with some guys from work and my gift for all of them is my tight asshole.  I even wrapped it up with a bow!  Once the lot of them have me all unwrapped, I’ll start the party off with a group blowjob session to get all of their dicks ready to push deep into browneye.  I love being on my knees surrounded by a circle of rock hard, throbbing rods but I have to make sure that I don’t make them cum too early with my hot mouth because I want to take every bit of their nog in my beautiful bunghole.  I’ll take them one at a time at first but once I get all stretched out I’m going to want the guys to put two or three of those giant cocks in there at the same time so I can really feel it.  One by one, I’ll let them blow their juicy loads as far up in me as they want.  I love this time of year!



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