School Is In Session

The girls and I have a date tonight. he is cumming over for dinner and desert and we are dessert! We went shopping today and got matching school girl outfits that aren’t exactly proper for school. We have the entire evening panned out. We are cooking now and getting ready. When he gets here we are going to wait on him hand and foot. We are going to serve him dinner making sure we bend over at just the right times to give him hot ass shots. Our asses are our best qualities, I have a great big ass that I make bounce and the girls got their asses from me. They are pretty good at making the junk in their trunks bounce too. We are going to make sure he gets lots of hot view so that by the time dinner is over his cock is hard and ready for us. we are going to sit him on the couch with a drink in his hand and lick and suck his dick all together making him want to fuck all three of us. We know just what he likes an just how he like sit, he is a regular guest at our house. We are so excited, it’s almost time!

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