School Girl Teases

Myra and I have always been known as the school girl teases. We love to walk around in our skimpy little outfits and show our hot little bodies off. Making our teachers not think twice about giving us bad grades. Well except the ones that want more than just a look. Like our Spanish teach Mr.Juan. He asked Myra and I to stay after class yesterday. When all our classmates left he told us to close the door and come into his little office that he needed to talk to us about something very serious. We walked in and he explained to us that we both got failing grades on our tests today. We argued we knew that we studied so hard and made good grades. He said that he would give us an A plus like we had if we did everything that he wanted. I was not having it. I threatened to go and tell the principal and got up to walk out. I noticed Myra was not behind me. When I turned around she was on her knees with Mr.Juan’s cock out in front of her with her rubbing it across her lips licking it and getting it wet. He said sweetie come get some too you won’t regret it this way you can keep A’s all year long. I walked over got on my knees and we gave our teacher a hell of a blow job. Now, every time we have a test we look for Mr.Juan afterwards. Cock sucking for good grades is damn sure a good trade.

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