Submissive Phone Sex

Submissive Phone SexSubmissive Phone Sex starting at a very young age for me because Daddy wanted me to be a totally submissive woman. He taught me that by serving my master I would please him and any man in my life. He told me that the greatest thing I can do in this life is to serve my Master.  Daddy continues to train and guide me to make sure I stay submissive.

Last weekend Daddy called and said I had to come stay the weekend because it was time for a session. I know what that means to Daddy and I obey his every wish. I got there early Friday morning and just settled into my room when Daddy came in and told me I need to put on my special outfit and collar and meet him in his den. Daddy told me it was time to further my training and he pulled me by my collar down to my knees and with his special training prod he would shock my big titties, he said this would help stimulate my nipples and make my pussy wet enough for me to receive his golden rod. That is what Daddy calls his cock.

Daddy was right, it took no time at all for my nipples to get hard and my pussy wet enough to receive his golden rod.  Then Daddy had me bend over this desk so he had full access to my pussy and ass. He shoved his golden rod into my pussy and pounded me with his cum filled cock while his balls slapped against my clit, while he shoved the rod in my ass.  Daddy said this would give us both the ultimate orgasm and it did!

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