Who Says Disco Is Dead?

I love disco so it’s time I teach the girls all about the 70’s and disco. I took them to a roller derby game and was surprised at how much they liked it. They even suggested we do a naked roller derby for fun in the back yard. They loved how rough it was, I think they may have a little freak in them. I found some platform shoes at a yard sale and that is what started it all. I love them and have worn them several times. I can’t wait to fuck in nothing but the platforms. I went and got us all Afro wigs and we put them on in some groovy loud mini skirts and danced around to the tunes of the 70’s. We even hung a disco ball in the living room and danced until we were hot and sweaty and had to strip down to our undies. I am glad the girls like disco so much, even if they think some of the stuff is lame. I am looking for some hot ass Go-Go boots that I can put on them and nothing else. Just the thought of what they would look like in nothing but Go-Go boots makes me so fucking wet I can’t stand it!

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