Sasha By The Poolside

I love summer. It’s hot and everybody is running around half naked. The pool in my back yard gives me the freedom to sunbathe whenever I want. I know you are watching as I seductively rub sunscreen all over my milky white skin. Rubbing it on the inside of my thighs exposing my luscious pink truffle. Who needs clothes when your as sexy as I am? You should come over and help me. I can’t reach my whole back and I would hate to get burned. Then I could thank you by putting my warm mouth all over your huge jizz rod. I would fuck you so good you wouldn’t care if the neighbors were watching. We could do all sorts of freaky nasty filthy things in this pool and you would love every fucking minute of it. My body needs your manly hands all over it right now.  Come on over, I always have the best pool parties… I’m sure you will agree!

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