Rooftop Fun!

I have family out in Los Angeles and its always a tradition to go to the MLK parade that runs up and down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. There’s always great food and it often ends in some craziness where people are shooting and/or fighting. Today was no different, and I knew better so I made sure I watched the parade from the roof. When all the craziness began to unfold I was on the roof where I thought no one saw me. New company quickly proved me wrong.

He said he had been watching me the whole parade and I’m sure with all the ciaos going on below us, no one would be concerned with what was going on. He pushed my back against the window seal and pushed his face in my big tits while he had his hand between my legs playing with my pussy. I was so turned on by how forward he was the I pushed his hand inside my panties so he could see exactly how wet he was making me. He stuffed his tongue in my mouth and pushed his fingers deep inside my pussy. I was grinding my hips to the rhythm of the strokes of his fingers, I wanted so badly to cum on his fingers and I was so thirsty for the cock he was keeping tucked away.

He stood up and dropped his pants, his dick dropping right in my face. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He was holding onto the top of the roof for leverage as his cock pounded my head into the window. Gagging on his dick I had my hands playing with my pussy until my nut dripped down the roof. He stood me up and bent me right over the window. He spread my legs wide open and arched my back, he pumped his cock deep inside me. Fucking me so hard the my fat ass and hug tits shook uncontrollably. He pulled out and exploded his nut all over my ass. Fucking bastard didn’t even help me off the roof. I was up there alone using my shirt to clean his mess off of me. 

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