Our Day Of Celebration

naked teen pictures melindaAll last week while the girls were in school, they would come home and talk about what they were learning in school about Martin Luther King and his movement. We have never lived a life where color made people different, so the girls couldn’t really understand a lot of what they were learning and would come home wanting to talk about what they were hearing. On Friday when they came home all they could talk about was a way to celebrate today and not just make it a day off of school. By Saturday evening they had decided that they wanted to go to a celebration down town. There would be street venders and exhibits on Mr King and his life.

They decided that they wanted to ride the bus like another person they heard of, Rosa Parks, and they wanted to sit in the back. We got up early this morning and headed out to the festival, sitting in the back of the bus chatting all the way. We got there and had a great time but by the time lunch rolled around the girls wanted to go home and have a family play date.

I am always delighted when they initiate kinky incest time. As we were walking to the bus they saw an adult sex shop and begged to go look around since we had time before the bus would come. They found a set of dildos that were red, yellow, black and green. Bouncing up and down they informed me that these were the colors of the flag of “Mr. King’s oppressed people” and could we get them to play with today as a way of continuing to celebrate his day, our way.They looked so cute I couldn’t resist.

We grabbed our purchase and headed for the bus taking our seats in the back. The next thing I know Maria is taking out one of the toys and teasing Anna’s pussy through her panties right there in public! Anna was giggling and squirming around in her seat, enjoying every minute of it. I was watching while my pussy got wetter by the minute.What if we got caught? But this was so hot I couldn’t stop them!  I took a couple of pictures on my cell phone and by the time we got to our stop I couldn’t wait to get them home so we could do just what they wanted….celebrate!naked teen pictures toys

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