Ripped My Dress Off And Fucked Me

The moment he opened the door it got my pussy wet, I had been waiting to see my professor. I wore a white sundress, in the light, he could see I had no panties or bra on. He walked me through his beautiful house towards the back yard.

College coed sex

I wanted to see his garden but the moment I held and eggplant I couldn’t help but think of his cock and all I could do was stare at it trying to see how hard it was through his pants. I was eager to get back into the house I wanted him so bad. When we were in the house, I begged him to please kiss my body all over. He did that lifting my dress and licking my cunt so good that I begged for him to fuck me. He ripped my dress off and stuck his hard cock in me pounding me away giving me what I needed. He didn’t stop until he felt my pussy squeeze him with my orgasm. That is when I felt his cock pumping in me. The time I have with my naughty professor is so fun and full of orgasms. 

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