Really early this morning …


… you called me while I was laying in my bed. I was only wear a sexy purple lacy bombshell push up bra with a matching lacy panty from Victoria Secrets.You sounded so sexy on the phone and I could tell how much you were going to drop that BIG CUM LOAD in my pussy. You said you ripped off my purple lacy sexy panty and slammed your tongue deep inside my already moist pussy while you were jerking off your BIG COCK. Mmmmmm Baby! You feel so good when you stick your fat tongue in all of my holes. I knew I just couldn’t take it anymore and I got off of your sexy wet mouth to start riding your cock. You know what baby? I have to say that your dick can really make me moan like the nasty chick I am. While I was fucking you hard, you kept rubbing my tits just the way I like which got my body hot and quivering. Before long, you shot your HUGE LOAD in me. Shortly after, you picked me up by my hips and plopped my cum filled pussy on your face. You started sucking hard on my pussy and it felt sooo amazing that I came your on your face. You look sooo hot sucking out all of our cum out of my pretty pink pussy. Thank you Mr. Naughty for drinking all of that cum. Until next time … Muah! ~Brooke~

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