Quiet Now

At first all that screaming had me all wet and worked up. But then it really started getting on my nerves. The bitch was tied up and getting the shit beat out of her while we were gang banging her cunt. The fucking little pussy bitch had some pain tolerance. I thought for sure she would have passed the fuck out by now. But no, she stayed conscience and kept on screaming. I told the bitch to shut the fuck up. I told her several times to stop her damned screaming. But she wouldn’t listen. She kept on screaming. I chocked her ass out and she passed out for a minute but woke right back up and started fucking screaming again. I took out my blade and told her if she didn’t stop I was going to cut her the fuck up. Did she stop? Hell fucking no. So I started slicing and dicing her ass. Hell I could have done an infomercial for Ginsu the way I was cutting her up. Think she learned her lesson? Fuck no. She kept right on screaming. Finally I had enough of this bitch. I held her mouth open, pulled out her fucking tongue and cut that bitch right out. She tried to scream after that but it was just a faded gurgle as the blood pooled in her throat. I told that fucking bitch to shut up she just wouldn’t listen.

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