Putting on a Show

Phone SexI know we have only talked a few times but I can not stop thinking about you.

I think about what it would be like to do the things we talk about…what it would be like to feel your body so close to mine, to touch your skin!

I don’t care if you have someone else!

I need to touch you!

I want to sneak in your house and smell the pillow where you lay your head.

I want to crawl between your sheets while you are not home and feel where your body lays each night.

I would hide in your closet if I heard you come home.

I would watch you from the crack in the doors.

I would peel the layers of clothing off, watching you the entire time.

As I stand in your closet, completely naked, wet with anticipation, my heart beats fast as you approach the closet doors.

Can you hear my heart pound? Do you feel my eyes undressing you?

You open the door and see me standing there, naked, yours, to do with as you wish.

I whisper your name and you instantly recognize the excitement in my voice.

Yes it’s me.

I know she will be home soon but I don’t care!

Let her watch!

I own your cock now!

It’s not hers anymore!

She had her chance! Let her watch what I can do for you!

Let her watch me bring you to the edge and let her hear you scream my name as you cum for me…again….and again…and again!

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