Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Every now and then my girl friend Susan and I get together. She is bisexual and a freak and sometimes she likes fucking a chick with a dick and getting the best of both worlds. I love it too and we have a great time when we hook up. I keep telling her that she sucks a mean cock but she could learn a few things. Just like no one knows how to eat pussy like a chick, no one knows how to suck cock better then a chick with a dick. So we decided to be adventurous and join a class: How To Master the Art of Oral Sex. I was really excited because the class is open to both men and woman and I was very surprised the first night when we found out we had both a male and female instructor. The first few nights were basically anatomy and how the male and female body work, what arouses both, and why. But the last two nights were interactive and we got to practice what we learned. I was amazed that the class was so open minded and even curious about my anatomy. Perhaps it was because we would never see each other again, but let me tell you “lab” was a blast for me. I have to admit there are some woman out there that can suck a mean dick and I learned a lot about eating pussy. Over all we both had a great time and learned a lot!

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