Put on a Pair of Panties Loser, Boxers are for Real Men

cuckolding phone sex MILF legsHey loser. Yes, I am talking to you with the itty bitty clitty where a cock should be. What the fuck are you doing wearing boxers? Your pin dick is swimming in them.  Burn all your manly underwear now. You are not a man. You need to be wearing pretty panties. Something in a feminine color like pink, yellow or purple. Don’t have any? Borrow some from the woman in your life who is not fucking you because of your shrinky dick. Maybe when you slip on a pair of her panties you will realize she has been fucking a real man for awhile now. If her panties smell of sex and are extra crusty, then you got your answer. I’m sure you knew already. I mean if she isn’t fucking you,  she is fucking someone. Maybe a guy at the gym. Maybe your her stepson? Neighbor? Your best friend? A coworker?

Your best bet is to tell her you know she is getting some real cock. Praise her for getting what she needs and ask to watch. The only way you are getting any pussy is after a real man has fucked it first. You can clean that pussy up. Hope you like cream pie. That’s the only pussy you are ever going to get. Well fucked leftovers. Face it you are not a man. Your woman needs a man. So, make your life easier, get yourself some panties and tell your wife you are ready to be her cuckold. Call me, and be ready to be my bitch. I’ll help you come to terms with your new lifestyle.

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