Purring Kitty

daddy's girl phone sex bambiWhat a day, nothing seemed to go right. I had planned on bringing my brother home for some good old fashioned family fucking and stress relief. He had something come up and couldn’t meet me so I sat in the parking lot in the cold for hours before giving up. So I ended up at home and horny and cold and all alone. Making the best of things I took a hot bath, grabbed a sandwich and laid in my bed alone to masturbate in hopes that it would be enough. I don’t know when I fell asleep but I do know I was in a deep sleep having a wonderful dream. I could feel his tongue on my pussy. He was lapping at it hard and fast and for some reason there was a strange feeling to it. In the fog of my dream I couldn’t put my finger on it, But oh it felt so fucking good, I was almost there, right on the edge and ready to explode when I felt the fog lifting. I fought it, not wanting to wake up until I had that blissful release that masturbating didn’t bring me. And then some where between sleep and being awake I saw my brothers face next to me. I felt his hands kneading my tits, my nipples hard and I could still feel the wonderful licking between my legs. I couldn’t put it all together but I didn’t care. Pushing into the licking sensation and arching my back into my brothers hands I let myself go. I began to shake as my body felt release. When I opened my eyes my brother was reaching between my legs. I looked down and he lifted him over my belly. “Bambi meet Sylvester. I believe he has already met you and I know you like him a lot.”

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