I spent all my favorite giftcards!

bondage phone sexAnyone who knows me well knows that all I wanted for Christmas was a gift card to one of my very favorite stores. I bet you can’t guess how many x’s are in this store’s name! This is my favorite store to shop in, not only do I know everyone who works there, and they know me quite well too… but they have the widest selection around for whatever ‘mood’ I’m in. This year I really racked up on those gift cards giving me a lot more options to get what I really wanted. I have been wanting to add to my bondage collection as I have been in that mood for some time now… I needed more toys to play with. I decided I could never have more than enough handcuffs and ties – maybe a sex sling will be needed too? I wanted more ball gags – those are the best! I love to torture so I of course had to make a stop to the nipple clamps and weights section, probably one of my favorite parts of the entire store…mmm. A purple anal plug was next to be bought, what is bondage without some forced ass play? What’s your favorite part of bondage? Mine is when you are all tied up, helpless as you can be, ball gag in your mouth, restraints holding your legs apart, and nipples hard from the clamps weighing them down as your lil man pussy, tits and ass get slapped over and over again with my favorite little whip. It leaves the best marks, if only you could see. I bought more toys of course, for my other moods, but I know what I’m in the mood after all that after Christmas shopping.

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