Prostitute Accomplice

Prostitution Phone Sex

Prostituition Phone sex gets bloody in this accomplice roleplay. 

He needed a slutty prostitute and thigh-high black boots to be his accomplished tonight. He loves leather so of course I dressed in one of my many leather black mini skirts my black lacy panties. Added my corset to make my tits Bob out as we pursued our next victim. I had my switch blade tucked into the top of my boots. The first guy we saw on the boulevard was our target. He looked like a family man. Perfection! 

 I pulled out my knife and pushed the blade into his back and made him come with me. I asked him if he had a girlfriend or a wife or even some daughters that he’d like to invite to our party. And I made it very well known that the only way he will survive would be in fact to bring us another playmate along. My sexy man who was making me his meth Mama for the night ideas for this mother fucker soon as his daughter came into sight. He pulled out a Glock and popped a sneak out one by one as our victim was screaming for his daughter to run. But I was three steps ahead of him and I captured her quickly, bringing the switchblade up to her knife and watching the blood run down between her small titties. Tonight she would be our sex slave and I would keep her on the edge of life just as long as she’s serviced my dirty cunt and sucked my main man’s cock! Me and you both know they didn’t survive. I need to be glad to hear that they are both cummed dumps before their bloody demise! Join me for accomplice phone sex so filthy you will cum twice! 

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