Private Dancer

I have been promising you a special dance and I am ready to finally perform for you. I have been belly dancing since I was really young – too young to even be shaking my hips – and I like to think I can hypnotize you with every move of my hips. Turn on the music and let the drums pound out a rhythm you will soon be feeling all through your body. I am wearing a coin belt that jingles with every flick of my hips and a top that barely covers my breasts.

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I sway my hips and chest in circular motions and tease you – jiggling every part of me right in your face. You can smell my scent as you watch the motions of my body. I take off my top and you watch as my breasts sway and move with every step. Your cock gets hard inside your boxers and you lean back on the couch to watch and enjoy as I continue to tease you with my talent. A second song comes on, slightly slower, and I slow down my movements. You begin to get dizzy from watching me – your cock is throbbing as you try to control yourself.

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Your eyes dart between my hips and my tits and my face. You want to feel my hips riding you and my tits and lips on your face. You begin to stroke your cock and I spin in front of you. The music slows even more to just a slow steady beat. I pop my hips towards you and lift up just enough for you to get a glimpse of my wet naked pussy under my sash. Its too much for you, and you come off the couch at me. You grab me and lift me onto the couch and spread my legs.

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You’re in a frenzy of lust after being teased with my gorgeous body and you need to feel your cock inside. I climb on top of you and straddle that huge dick of yours and continue to gyrate my hips as I sink my tight cunt down your long shaft. You moan as I cum all over you, and then you begin to thrust your hips up and fuck me deeper as my pussy throbs around you. Your hands are all over my breasts and your tongue is deep in my mouth. I love being your private dancer, Baby.

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