I’d Rather Be Your Bitch than Your Girlfriend

gfe phone sex big titsNormally, I am a submissive whore. I love being told what to do. I enjoy being hurt. Pain is pleasure to me. But one of my masters decided he wanted to profit off my looks. I know I look like a Goddess. I just never feel like one, but master said men would pay good money for a night with me. He seems to believe that  more men want to fuck me than hurt me. I’m not sure about that. But, I do whatever I am told. So when he told me to get pretty for a hot date, I did just that. I know how to clean up. I can look any part. Master got $10,000 for me from some big financial guy looking for the girlfriend experience. I don’t really know how to be a girlfriend. I know how to be a bitch, a victim, a cum dumpster,  a pain slut, a punching bag….but a girlfriend is a foreign concept to me.

I watched Sasha Gray’s video “The Girlfriend Experience” for some quick pointers. The first part of my date  was easy, boring, but easy. I just had to look pretty and act like I was interested  in everything he had to say. I just nodded my head a lot, licked my lips, and touched his hand. When we got back to his place, things took an interesting turn.  He wanted me to dominate him. Boy was he barking up the wrong tree. But I knew my master would be upset if I did not deliver what this man paid top dollar for. I excused myself to the bathroom and used my smart phone to Google sensual domination. It seemed so vanilla to me. Only a pussy wants a woman to dominate him with things like face sitting, tease and denial games, blindfolds, silky restraints, spanking…. Only a pussy wants a woman to control his cock.

sensual domination phone sex hairy pussyI am a good whore, so I sucked it up to deliver an Oscar worthy performance as  a sensual domme.  I tied him to his bed with silk scarves. Sat on his face, forcing him to worship my pussy and ass, while I spanked his cock with a riding crop. At best it could only sting. I teased his cock, denied his cums all night long. The only one cumming was me. He kept telling me I was a superior creature. My orgasms were all that mattered. I enjoyed cumming. But they felt rather lackluster in comparison to the cums I have accompanied with some pain. Pain makes me feel alive. I did what a good slave does, acted the part accordingly for her master. I always want to please those in control of me.

My client was happy, and booked another session with me. But the moment I left his penthouse, I got out my little scalpel and started slicing my flesh. Pain is what makes me cum the hardest. Maybe I could be your girlfriend, but the kind you hurt instead of pamper?

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